Heimdall had meant to ask Frigga’s permission to court the handmaiden Gna. She might have denied him still, but then again maybe not. However, he never asked, since their meetings were so few a far between. He came to love the girl from afar at first. After all, he didn’t know how she felt for him.

Then, each time they met on the Rainbow Bridge grew longer and longer, until there was no doubt that she shared his feelings for her. Then they were already courting and he realized he’d never asked. If Gna realized it, she didn’t mention it.

So the quiet, solitary asa gently and tenderly began courting the messenger of Lady Frigga. They stood together on the bridge watching the clouds and birds as they passed by. Heimdall read her love poetry from books she’d borrowed from the others in the Happy Hall.

Among their favorite was a long poem written by a man who’d loved a princess, though it meant his life. It was not too unlike their situation. Heimdall was sure that neither would die for their love but if they were discovered, they would be punished. Still they persisted in clandestine meetings and stolen glances. It had gone too far to ask permission now. If they must be punished, let it be because they gave each other all their hearts, not holding back anything.