Galen frowned as the wolves surrounded him. They didn’t know he was there, not yet. It was only a matter of time, though. If they caught him, he was as good as dead. So too were the men and women of the Mouse Division, whose missive he carried. He was their only hope of getting relief from the wolves and fey laying siege to their compound.

He must get through. That was all there was to it. He couldn’t afford to lose today. He looked up, considering opening his wings and flying away. The underbrush was too thick, his wingspan too great, he realized.

He spotted an opening just as he heard a low growl. He bounded between two wolves, then dashed away into the woods, just before their jaws closed on the spot he’d stood. He double dashed, wanting to be sure of his escape. Smiling grimly, he ran as fast as he could have flown toward the main compound of the Security Force. The message would get through, he was sure now.