Arthur remembered her from his childhood, though he very much doubted she remembered him. She hadn’t changed much in the past ten years. Her hair was still in a short brown bob, though it had lost the ever-present headband some time in early adolescence.

He didn’t blame her for forgetting him. They had both been in the first grade when he’d disappeared. He’d changed his name to hide from the men who’d killed his parents. Even at the age of six, he’d seen the importance of disappearing rather than being caught by the men.

He kept his memories a secret from everyone – his guardians, their daughter, ten years his senior, and all of his school friends. All that he would tell anyone about his past was that his parents were gone. That was the only truth, anyway. His name, history, former address, family members, and everything else were all lies. He couldn’t tell anyone his secret. He consoled his guilty conscience by telling himself that none of these people were involved. This was just a secret that happened to involve them.