Galen had always thought it was surprisingly easy to lose. If you didn’t try, it was a form of loss. If you failed to do your best, it would cost you. If you did your best and still did not succeed, that was also a loss.

Losing gracefully was more difficult. Many people looked upon losses as sour grapes. The “I didn’t want to win anyway” attitude was a shelter against the loss. They might get angry or upset. Tempers might be lost as well as whatever goal one was aiming for.

Losing was a part of life. Success was built on failures. No one liked it, but there it was. There was one thing he never wanted to lose – not if he could help it. He may not win every battle. He could accept that. However, he wanted to be able to live to fight another day.

Looking up at the wolves that surrounded him; at the fey that was their leader, he knew that losing wasn’t very difficult; though it could be troubling.