Miles looked over the files that the team had been told to evaluate. He was meant to be grouping them by type of crime. Some were being regrouped since certain crimes had become more prevalent and gotten groups of their own in recent years. Oftentimes in these cases he would actually read over the file to determine what group they belonged to.

“Is stealing spells a crime?” he asked as he read over the third such file. “Would it be theft or copyright infringement?”

“Stealing spells is stealing spells,” Morrissey murmured, setting a file aside. “It has it’s own group because it tends to bounce back and forth between both categories. They want us to redefine it now though, so it’s broader.”

Emery looked up with what could almost be called a glare. “How do you redefine something like that? It’s already too sketchy a description to actually have a proper name.” He set a file atop the one his brother had just set with the other spell thefts. “Here, he stole someone’s magic energy. We’ll call it magic theft.”

“Grand theft magic?” Morrissey murmured wryly. He smirked as he added a fourth file to the stack. It was going to be a long day.