“It’s the first day of spring,” Emery said as he looked around the room at the exhausted men and women. “We’re finished with the case. The paperwork is all squared away. What are you going to do with your day off?”

“Sleep,” Hassett said decisively. “Wake me up on Monday.”

“Sleeping isn’t any fun,” Miles said. “We’re going to have a picnic in the park.”

“Didn’t someone die in that park about a month ago?” Livingston murmured.

“People die everywhere,” Emery snapped. “If I started seeing crime scenes everywhere I’d stay home and have no life. It’s spring. Get out and enjoy the life God gave you. Why waste time with worry. Seize the day.” He scampered out the door with a wave of his hand.

“Where do they get the energy?” Morrissey murmured. “See you Monday.” He walked more sedately out of the room. Maybe he could convince Stevie to spend a quiet night at home.