Franklin sat up and pushed the blankets off in one fluid motion. He snagged his glasses off the bedside table as he headed toward the door. He knew from experience that, late as it was, if he rolled over and went back to bed the song playing in the back of his mind would disappear.

He flicked on the small lamp over the upright and pulled on his glasses before sitting down. Following a time-honed method, he hummed the tune, plunked it out on the keyboard, then wrote it down. Only then did he begin the fine tuning of things such as time and key signatures and duration of notes or dynamics. So far the little melody had no words but now it was out of his head and down on paper.

Words would come with time but he hadn’t lost anything. With a satisfied smile, the young warden took off his glasses and turned out the light. He still had a few hours until it would be time to rise for work.