“I can’t wait until it gets nice outside and all this rain is gone,” Franklin said softly as he stomped into the station house.

“Rain is good for the plants,” Emery pointed out. “Us too for that matter.” He smiled fondly at a memory that crossed his mind. Meeting his brother’s eyes, he said, “Miles, remember that one summer when we had that drought?”

The grass was all dead and brown and it seemed like everything would dry up and blow away,” Miles said, recalling the situation. “It was so hot we couldn’t even go out to play.”

“Then that one day,” Emery said. “We spotted those clouds in the distance and everyone watched the storm get closer and closer.”

“The wind picked up and it wasn’t the hot dry wind that we’d had for over a month,” Miles continued. “We all ran out and played with the dust devils it stirred up.”

“Then the rain came,” Emery said, beaming. “You were so startled at getting wet that you screamed.”

“You too, Brother,” Miles pointed out. “Then all of us, including Mom and Dad went out and danced in the rain. The drought was over and the grass grew back. The rain was the best thing about that summer.”

“Yeah,” Emery said with a grin. “See, Franklin, don’t knock rain… things get really ugly without it.” He bounded into his office without waiting for a reply but the young sergeant couldn’t help but smile.