“What does it mean?” Rye asked for perhaps the fourth time. “What are pink ribbon scars?”

“You know how scars look?” Gareth replied, shutting off the CD player. “They’re pink and can be lines, depending on what made them… so pink ribbon scars. They always remind you of what happened.”

“I suppose,” Rye replied, laying back on the bed. He glanced at the older boy and smirked. “This is not usually my type of music,” he remarked.

“That’s fine,” Gareth said with a shrug. “You like dance music and anything with a beat. I like that too, just not all the time.” He stood and began rummaging through his CD collection. “How about this?” he asked holding up what looked to be a bootleg CD.

“That’s illegal,” Rye pointed out.

“It’s a copy, I bought the music but it’s on my computer,” Gareth said waving a finger at him. “You want to listen, or not?”

“Didn’t say I wouldn’t listen to it,” Rye said. The whole point of the experience was to get to know his band-mates better, he reminded himself. He didn’t want to alienate them right off the bat. “I can understand having scars that don’t really let you forget bad experiences,” he said softly.

“Emotional ones,” Gareth replied sagely. He popped the next CD in and cued up his favorite song. Soon the pair of musicians were once more listening quietly to the strains of alternative rock music.