“I feel like I need something new in my life,” Kevin said as he leaned back against Melina. “It’s not you, babe. You, I love. The music and everything… seems like it’s always the same.”

“Then maybe the idea that your agent has is a good one,” she suggested. “We enter this contest and if we’re chosen, we become part of this new band that the company is forming. You still get to play a lot of what you’re used to but you also get exposed to something new.”

“And if I don’t win,” Kevin added, “I’ll still be exposed to something different than I’m used to and that might inspire a new direction in my music.”

He didn’t expect so very many people to be at the contest headquarters. He hoped that he would compare favorably with the others. Some were surprisingly young. One girl looked like an elementary school child. There were a few that couldn’t be any older than high school or even middle school students.

“Mel?” he whispered. “Are we the oldest people here?”

“Maybe,” she hedged. “Bare in mind that they’re going purely by our voices and how well we play instruments. We’ll be behind screens the whole time. That’s the gimmick of the group. No one will be able to tell how old the members actually are or what they really look like.”

“Well, here goes nothing. If this doesn’t get me out of my rut then it wasn’t meant to be and maybe it isn’t a rut at all,” Kevin said. He bounded over to the sign-up booth, Melina in tow.