“You told him he was too young to have personal tragedies?” Kevin asked in shock. He shook his head and swept off to talk to the youngest of their group.

Leigh smirked and shrugged. “I know we’re very young and maybe it’s the stage names that threw you but about two years ago our parents were killed in a home invasion robbery. We were in the house – in the safe room. We heard them get killed and there wasn’t anything to do about it. I know you mean well but believe me when I say, yeah, we have personal tragedies.” She stalked off toward the front porch.

Louisa set her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder and leaned in close. “I love you,” she whispered.

Gareth closed his eyes, mumbling, “They might have told me. He might have mentioned when I said that.” He sighed deeply before adding, “It’s probably too upsetting to think about. I really didn’t know. When I was fourteen everything was… perfect. The worst tragedy in my life was not having a date on Friday night.”

Louisa nodded and smiled slightly. “Is it any wonder he has nightmares?” Gareth nodded and sighed again. She knew he would make it up to the boy, somehow.