Kevin settled back as the opening chords began. “I’ve always liked this song. The world lost a genius when he died.”

“Too much love?” Rye whispered. He listened silently for a moment. “This is so sad. But the guitar part is amazing.”

“Why do you think it’s been remade over and over, time and again?” Kevin said. “He was brilliant. It was a bit before your time, I guess.”

“I’d love to borrow this CD, Kevin,” Rye asked. “That piano part… then the way that the soft lyrical melody blends with the guitar… I’m seriously in awe.”

“He was awesome,” Kevin replied. “You should have seen him live. He had such a presence. Just don’t forget whose CD this is.” He smirked as he handed the CD to the younger musician. The singer may be dead but his legacy would live on through his music.