Rye settled down to listen to the music coming from Kevin’s CD. It was the same group that they’d listened to the other day; he recognized the singer’s voice. The song seemed sad and solemn at first but then turned hopeful.

“This is a nice song,” he remarked softly.

“It was used heavily in a television show about people who were immortal,” Kevin said as the song ended. “They would get involved with mortals and then lose that loved one, whether through accident or simply old age. Often times it played as they contemplated how sad it was to continue without the one they loved.”

“It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all,” Rye pointed out. They were happier being social than holding themselves aloof, I’m sure.”

Kevin nodded. “Our life on this earth may be fleeting but the people we touch, touch others and it continued endlessly. In that way, everyone lives forever.”