Rye shrugged out of his sweater and laid it aside on the bench as he sat in the hot sun. He watched the children play for the rest of the afternoon. According to the weatherman, today would be the last nice day for the rest of the week. Everyone was out taking advantage of the sunny day. As lunchtime neared, Rye stood and started toward the gate.

“Mister,” a voice called. He turned to find a little girl holding his sweater. “I think you forgot this,” she said.

“Right, thanks,” he replied, taking the sweater with him. On the way home he saw a ball cap hung on a street sign and a jacket over a bush. Someone else had taken something off as they’d enjoyed the sunny weather and forgotten it. These he could explain in the back of his mind. He’d almost forgotten his own sweater. Other clothing items seemed strange though.

Kevin had told him of the old tradition of “losing” your gym sneakers on the way home from school on the last day. The tradition seemed to include other shoes now as well. Sandals and flip-flops he supposed could fall off when someone propped their feet up on the car window, enjoying the breeze in the summer. Though that seemed like a dangerous practice.

Then there were things like shorts, tee-shirt socks and underwear. Rye let his mind wander as he walked. Turning over how these essentials could come to be by the side of the road or in the woods.

Rye shook his head and shuddered. No, his mind shouldn’t be allowed to wander. His imagination – so full of plotlines for the various videos they produced – was too fertile not to scare even him.