One thing their parents had always stressed to them was that no one was perfect. That didn’t mean that everyone’s faults should be pointed out, however. All musician – everyone really – had bad days; days when they weren’t in full voice and couldn’t quite hit that note, days when their rhythm was just a little off.

Watching the other contestants, one thing struck Rye. Everyone in the room was talented enough to win. Only a few could be chosen. While he and his sister focused on doing their best, one young man seemed intent on trying to cheat. He was sneaky about it. He would nudge the sound equipment so the CD would skip, making the person just a little off. Speakers for instruments mysteriously came unplugged.

Rye considered speaking up but a part of him was certain that the culprit would be caught soon enough. Meanwhile, as the cheat steadily went about sabotaging equipment, Rye followed at distance, fixing what he could and warning the other people when he couldn’t. Cheaters never prospered… not for long, anyway.