Leigh stepped into what would be her bedroom and smiled. As requested, it was directly across the hall from her brother’s room. She grinned over at him and he returned her smile, if a little wanly. They turned and entered the rooms and Leigh pushed the door partially closed, exposing the sliding door of the closet.

The stacks of dresses, dress shirts and skirts she had packed were hung in short order and she began filling the dresser with clothes that didn’t need to be on hangers. She was in the midst of this when Rye peeked into the room.

“Hi, Leigh,” he greeted. “I’m all unpacked. How’re you coming?”

“Almost there,” she replied. “From the outside the place looks like it’s falling apart but the rooms seem cozy enough. It’s nice to have my room so close to yours again.”

Rye nodded and began to make the bed. “Strangely enough, this is the most settled I’ve felt since… since we had to move in with Grandpa.” He stepped up to look out the window ar the forest behind the house. “It’s like home.”

Leigh nodded and joined him. “Yeah,” she murmured. “It’s like home.”