If there was anything Gareth hated, it was waiting. The auditions seemed to take forever and more people were sent away than actually sang. What if he waited for all these hours, only to be sent away the moment he introduced himself?

He gritted his teeth as he listened to the woman ahead of him. She had a tolerable voice; nothing to write home about. She’d chosen a song that showed her voices strong points well enough, but he had a feeling that her lower registers could have been more sultry with the right song.

At least she was better than the man who’d been ahead of her. He’d chosen a song that didn’t suit his range at all. The shrilling of the upper notes had hurt his ears enough that he’d sighed in relief when the bespectacled judge had held up a hand.

When it was finally his turn, Gareth bit back a snappish reply and introduced himself. If he took an extra moment to prepare himself to sing, the judges didn’t seem to notice.