Rye smiled as they began listening to Melina’s CD. “This is one of my favorites,” she whispered. The group sat quietly until the song’s end. “What’d you think,” she asked finally.

“I liked it,” Rye said. “The melody, the accompaniment and the lyrics… especially those.”

“I think we’ve all felt that it would be great to go back in time and ask famous people how we can be better in one way or another,” Michael added.

See now, when you told us the name of the piece, I was thinking it would be about being born in the wrong era, you know?” Gareth said. He tilted his head to one side as the others looked at him curiously. “I’ve often felt like I was born in the wrong era. I’m not sure which era I should have been born in though.”

“I’ve often felt like I was born in another era,” Rye commented.

“What… a past life?” Kevin said. He chuckled until he realized the boy was serious. “Right… well, all right then. Anyone else want popcorn?”