Michael sat up and looked around. The room was still dark. It was nighttime. He slipped out of his bed and padded to the door, curious about what had woken him in the stillness of the night.

Then he heard it. Softly and insistently, someone was calling his name. “Hello,” he called back quietly, not wanting to waken anyone. He rounded the corner and found himself at the door to the gardens. Again someone called his name. Following the sound he opened the door and crept out into the garden.

The grass was cool and damp on his bare feet. “Hello,” he called, bolder now that he was outside and not as likely to waken anyone inside the building.

“Michael, come here,” a voice called from within the nearby forest. Michael followed the call and found a strange sight. There, just inside the forest, was a flower of enormous proportions. Within the flower was a woman – at least from the waist up. Her waist seemed to blend into the flower. “Come to me,” she said.

Micheal shook his head and spun on his heel. As slowly and quietly as he had come into the forest, he exited fast and loud. He slammed the door as he re-entered the house. Panting, he leaned on the door. He was shaking with the fright of what he had encountered. It wasn’t just seeing a plant woman – it was the fact that she had called him by name.