Nathaniel smiled as he looked at the baby sleeping soundly in the cradle. This was his son… his first-born son and heir. This child would live, he was sure. He would heal the hole left in his parent’s hearts by the death of his older sister.

The blue eyes opened and though all the experts had said otherwise, Nathaniel was certain the baby looked at him. “Hello, Emery Taliesin,” he greeted. “You are the most beautiful baby that I’ve ever seen, but I’m sure that’s what all new parents say.”

He lifted the baby into his arms and walked around the nursery until he reached the wide picture windows. Outside, it was just starting to snow. “Emery, it’s your first snow,” he said in a sing-song voice. “See the white stuff falling? Is that snow? Yes, it is. That is snow. It looks like cotton but it’s cold and wet.”

“Who’re you talking to, Nat?” Margery asked as she joined him in the nursery.

“Emery,” he said. He redirected his gaze to the baby and added, “Daddy is talking to Emery. Yes, he is. Should Mommy be out of bed?”

Margery chuckled and nodded. “The doctor said I could as long as I didn’t overdo it. I have to listen to my body, he said.” She looked at the baby and asked, “Is your Daddy talking to you and showing you the snow.”

Nathaniel smiled and leaned in close as they gazed at the beautiful child they had made together. “All the magic in the world pales in comparison to this.”