Nathaniel looked up as the librarian walked by with the book cart. She was new, he was sure. She was also pretty with her long blond hair pulled back into a braid. She paused at a shelf and, as she strained to return a book to its place, he stood and joined her.

“Where does it belong?” he asked, taking the book from her gently.

“Up there beside the blue hardcover with the gold filigree,” she said. “I’ve seen you here a lot. You must really like books.”

“I’m a research mage,” he replied. “Nathaniel Ballard.” He kissed her hand as she held it out, smiling at her nervous giggle. “Would I be remiss in asking you to tea?”

“I’d love to go to tea with you,” she said. “Don’t you want to know my name?”

“I would love to know your name,” Nathaniel replied.

“Margery Garrison. My break’s at two o’clock,” she added as she shelved a few more books.

“I shall eagerly await two o’clock then, Miss Garrison, and our tea together,” he said. He inclined his head and stepped back. “As I would not wish to cause your employer’s ire, I shall allow you to return to work.” He was rewarded by a sunny smile.