Emery peered around the corner and spotted his father, reading by the soft light of a lamp. He padded over to the man and gently touched his knee. “What’re you reading, Daddy?” he asked softly.

“A book that relates to my research,” he replied. “What are you doing out of bed, Emery?”

“I woke up and couldn’t sleep,” Emery replied. “I want you to read me a story, please.” He climbed up into his father’s lap and smiled as the older man snuggled him close.

“How about we just stay here a moment and I tell you a story instead?” he asked softly.

Emery tilted his head inquisitively and asked, “Is it an exciting story?”

“No, it’s a nice quiet bedtime story that I read in a book when you were just a baby. I used to read it to you all the time, until you were old enough to tell me what books you wanted me to read. Are you ready?” Emery nodded and settled back against him as he closed his eyes and began to tell the familiar old story.