Emery sat up in his bed and giggled softly. Today he would get his first official magic robe. He stood and pulled off his nightshirt. He scampered to the washbowl and rinsed the sweat of the night off his body before pulling his blouse on. Next came the simple brown jumper. The soft cotton of the dress made it one of his favorites. The frilly pinafore topped this, protecting it from dirt and grime. Last Emery slipped his feet into the soft leather boots his mother had gotten him.

Dressed now, Emery bounded down the steps to the kitchen. “Morning Mom,” he called as he entered the room.

“You’re up early,” she said, grinning.

“Dad’s going to give me my cloak today.” He looked outside and saw the trees swaying in the wind. “It’s going to rain,” he added softly.

“Perfect weather for your first cloak,” his father said as he entered the room. Emery grinned and bounced a little in his chair. “Eat first. Then come to the workshop.”

“Yes, Dad,” Emery replied. He ate quickly but neatly, not wanting to upset his mother by wolfing down his breakfast. When he was finished, he scooped the dishes up and put them in the washtub to soak. Then he scampered out the door and over to the small shed that his father used as a workshop.

He entered the building and saw his father standing with a hooded cloak of a rich red fabric. “Wow,” he whispered. “Dad, is that it?” he asked as the sky opened up.

“Indeed it is, my dear,” his father said. He knelt down and murmured magic words of protection as he tied it around Emery’s neck. “There. Why don’t you try it out?”

Emery giggled and spun to the door. He tugged the hood on securely and ran out into the rain. Just as it was meant to do, the magic cloak kept him warm and dry, even in the driving rain. Emery laughed and spun in the rain, reveling in the freedom that magic had given him.