Emery stepped into the classroom and stumbled as he crossed the threshold. “That’s never good,” a young voice said from behind him. Emery looked up to find a red haired boy smiling at him. “I’m Allison,” he said. He poked a thumb over his shoulder at another red haired boy and added, “That’s Michelle.”

“Emery,” he said. “Why’s that not good? It’s a high threshold.”

“Vampires can’t cross thresholds,” Michelle said with a smirk. “Are you a vampire?”

“Would I tell you if I was?” Emery said. He settled into a chair and looked up at the chalkboard. “We have an assignment,” he said softly.

“What is the first lesson of magic?” the board read. It continued, “Name the opposing principles of magic.”

Emery began writing, though none of the other students seemed inclined to. He was finished by the time the prefessor entered the room. The man looked around and crossed his arms at the chattering students. “Well, have you all finished your study questions?” He began to erase the board. “Using what you know of them, tell me how or why you could use a full moon on the first of May in the casting of a spell.”

The boys and girls in the class began to chatter, but the professor held up a hand and said, “Silently.” Emery nodded and began to write. A glance around the room told him he was one of the few.