Miles settled down into the grass and closed his eyes. It was still pleasantly warm, though the autumn had officially started. All at once, he felt an unbridled joy that seemed to come from outside himself. He looked up to see his brother bounding toward him.

“Miles!” Emery called as he flopped down onto the lawn.

“Brother, I felt you coming before you got here,” Miles said. “Do you think it’s like what Dad used to do? He always knew what we were doing, remember?”

“Yeah,” Emery said as he lay back in the soft grass. He studied a cloud making its way across the sky as he said, “I wonder if he’s still watching us now. Do you think it’s like scrying? What Dad did?”

“He did it where ever he was, not just at the lab in town,” Emery replied. “I don’t think it was a regular – “ he broke off suddenly, sitting up and glaring across the field.

“Brother?” Miles asked softly.

“My shoulders hurt,” he murmured. He stood and walked across the field as Miles followed him curiously. He poked his head into a thicket and shook his head, drawing back quickly.

“Brother?” Miles repeated.

“Mi, we need to go get a professor. Someone… I think someone’s preparing a dark spell,” Emery said. As he spun to dash off toward the school, Miles peeked into the bush. There, hidden by the early autumn leaves, was a pair of little sparrows, their wings neatly removed. Miles frowned and dashed after his brother.