The house was dark and still when Nathaniel slipped up to the front door. He didn’t know why he was there. It wasn’t safe – for either of them. He should be satisfied watching her as he did their sons. However, even watching her in his mind’s eye, hearing her voice in his mind’s ear, wasn’t enough to satisfy his need to be near her.

He unlocked the door silently with the key. Margery hadn’t moved it from its accustomed place in the hydrangea. Silently, he slipped into the darkened building. He knew the house like he knew the back of his hand, no lights were needed to find his way to their bedroom.

Once there, he eased himself onto the bed, beside her sleeping form. He kissed her cheek, half-hidden by her tumble of blond hair. Without meaning to, his hand went to her hip and he lay down beside her, as he had for the many years that they had been together. He would be gone when she woke in the morning, but he needed this. He needed to be near her, to touch her once again, to smell her sweet aroma. “I miss you,” he whispered into the night.