Emery stalked into the classroom and slumped into his chair. He didn’t want to be here – in this class or even at this school. He wanted to be home with his mother. He hated the headmaster for putting their schooling ahead of family. Most importantly, his mother wanted him home.

“Emery,” the professor said. “Would you please demonstrate the lighting spell that you were meant to be practicing last evening?”

Emery stood and traced the symbol in the air with sharp abrupt movements. Even he wasn’t ready for what happened next. With a soft cry, he shielded his eyes as a blinding light flooded the classroom.

“Well,” the professor said, banishing the spell with a single movement. “That is an example of the second lesson of magic – strong emotions amplify spell effects. You’re obviously quite irritated.”

“My mother’s sick,” Emery admitted softly. “The headmaster said that it’s too close to end of term and exams to take off now.”

“I’ll talk to him,” the professor said softly. Emery raised an eyebrow, wondering what the young professor could say to convince the old headmaster.

He was even more shocked that evening when the note detailing their leave arrived at the dorm room. He locked eyes with his brother and smiled wanly. “Let’s go home,” he said.