Emery stood listening to the pastor throughout the service. He was quiet, even as tears streamed down his cheeks. Beside him Miles sobbed. Even though they knew this was coming, it was still difficult.

He took Miles’ hand as the congregation stood to follow the casket out to the graveyard that stood in the small churchyard. Emery blinked at the bright sunshine as they exited the building. “It’s such a nice day,” Miles murmured.

“Seems like it should be raining out, doesn’t it?” he murmured back. He smiled tremulously and added, “Mom’s resting now, Miles. She doesn’t have to worry about being sick anymore. And we’ll be fine. We have each other. She knew that.”

“I wish Dad was here,” Miles murmured.

“Me too,” Emery replied, looking away into the garden at the back of the churchyard. There was something hidden in the shadows of the building, but Miles tugged his hand and he followed without seeing clearly what it was.

There in the shadow of the building, Nathaniel stood. Tears were streaming down his cheeks but he knew that his boys would be hurting even more. A part of him longed to go to them. Then he saw a familiar face in the crowd of mourners and melted away, hoping to keep the government agent away from his sons.