Emery slipped into the class late, only to find that the teacher wasn’t there yet. “Where’s Master James?” he asked.

“Dunno,” Michelle replied. “We figured we’d wait. The headmaster might have caught him in the corridor and… you know how he can get.”

“He does like to beat his gums,” Emery said. He rolled his eyes and settled into his chair. “Master James hasn’t been here yet though, since there’s no assignment on the board.”

“I wonder – ,” Hadyn started. He stopped as the deputy headmaster entered the room.

“Gentlemen and ladies,” the man said as he stepped up to the front of the classroom. “Please assume your seats and remain quiet until you have been dismissed. I regret to inform you that Master James has been killed. This class is cancelled until a replacement can be found. You are dismissed to the library until your next class.”

He watched as the students gathered their belongings and began to leave. Emery waved at his classmates to go ahead of him and paused, turning to the headmaster. “Sir, may I ask what happened?” he said softly.

“Apparently someone had a… disagreement with their spouse in a restaurant he was visiting for supper last night. Shots were fired and Master James was one of the casualties,” he said softly.

Emery nodded and slipped out of the room. “What happened?” Hadyn asked as Emery joined him.

“Someone was angry and shot him. There are better ways to deal with anger – especially since it appears that Master James wasn’t even involved,” Emery replied. He shook his head. “I always kept a journal of my frustrations.”

“I write poems,” Hadyn said softly.

“Angry poems,” Emery murmured, shaking his head. “Better than getting violent, I guess.”