The teacher was troubled, that much Miles could tell using the expression on the man’s face alone. His other gift told him even more. The man was worried and concerned for his safety. Miles could feel it as strongly as his own feelings of apprehension.

“I’ll be alright,” he said, trying to sound reassuring. “I’ll stay with Brother,” he added. “He’s going to take the exam to become a forensics mage and I’ve been studying the same thing. We’ll take the test together and probably end up working at the same place.”

Miles knew that forensics mages were rare enough that the job market was growing by leaps and bounds. They would have no trouble finding work together when the time came. However, the solution didn’t sit well with the teacher. Miles could sense the man’s growing anxiety. He didn’t think such a career would be safe enough, especially given the young age that Miles would be graduating at.

“I think perhaps we’ll hold you another year,” the man said finally. Miles sighed but nodded. His mind was made up and there was nothing Miles could do to change it.