Emery already knew he had gifts beyond magic. That much had been shown when he found the slain birds. However, he’d never thought to apply the gifts in any purposeful manner – until now.

Now one of the first year students was missing. The wardens had no leads and once more it was because of a lack of forensics mages. Though he wasn’t officially part of that brotherhood, Emery thought he might be able to help.

Thus he found himself at the girl’s empty dorm room. He felt the sensation that he’d come to associate with trauma, but no pain as he would with physical injuries. Supposing the sensation to be from the missing student, he followed it out into the hallway and down a side corridor.

Soon he was outside, still following the trail. In his mind’s eye he could see the little girl reading something and then running out of her room and down the corridors until she was out. She was heading toward the forest that hemmed in the school grounds. The problem lay in the fact that, much like the forest that wasn’t far from his hometown, many dangers lie in wait beneath the trees.

He followed the sense of desperation until he suddenly encountered a different form of trauma. His ankle began to hurt and he almost stumbled down a ravine. Then he was sure he knew what became of the girl. Once more, in his mind’s eye, he saw the girl running. She reached this part of the forest and tripped, sliding down into the ravine.

“Hello?” he called, directing his voice down into the chasm.

For a moment he listened in silence then he heard the unmistakable voice of a young child calling out for help.

“Hang on!” he called back. “I’ll get help for you.” He turned and dashed as fast as his legs could carry him back to the campus. It took him a few precious moments to find a professor, but then he was able to get help for the girl. She would be fine, no worse off than a broken ankle and a scrape on her forehead. Emery smiled as the wardens carried her out of the forest. This was most certainly what he was meant to be doing.