Emery frowned as he prepared to testify before the court regarding the evidence he’d processed. He was the team’s trauma specialist. He had linked trauma found on the scene to the person who had been traumatized. The source or the trauma – murder. Only a sociopath would be unaffected by the commission of acts of violence.

In addition to that was one piece of evidence that Emery could not give. He was a witness to the murder – if only after the fact. In his mind’s eye, he saw the man sitting, waiting for his target to come home. The man was psyching himself up as he waited, playing with the knife. The girl – not much older than he was – had about enough time to cry out once before he stabbed her the first time just as she entered the room.

He knew the man had killed her. There was no doubt in his mind since he could see the murder as it took place from the moment he entered the room. He couldn’t fabricate evidence. He couldn’t tell the court about his ability. It was the same every time he entered a courtroom to testify. He could only hope that the evidence he could talk about would be enough to convict the man.