“Why do you look up when you come upon a crime scene?” Morrissey asked. He glanced over at Emery as the boy considered the answer.

“I’m… well, you know that I can sense the trauma of an event when I get close to it,” he replied. His gaze drifted upward as he continued, “I’ll either sense it as if it’s happening to me, see it as if it’s happening in one of those picture shows or from above, or else some combination of the three.”

“So you look up to see… what?” Morrissey prompted.

“I don’t know… where I’m viewing it from, maybe,” Emery said.

“We’re outside,” Morrissey pointed out. “We’re in a field. There isn’t anything you could be ‘standing on’ to view the scene from above us.”

I know,” Emery replied. “The only thing up there are the stars… and they aren’t very good witnesses.”