He watched the woman as she made her way down the street. He was incomplete. She had a part of him within her. The other man had also had a piece, but no longer. Now he was becoming whole.

He began to follow the piece of himself she hid within her. He needed to free it so he could take it in. He followed her until he could find the right moment. He would free himself from her when they were alone.

Emery frowned as he looked at the young woman sprawled in the telephone booth. “That’s a lot of blood,” he whispered. “What did he do to her?”

“Same as he did to Joshua Eppes,” Hassett said softly. “Morrissey and the coroner both say that he’s using a knife with a wide blade, like a butcher knife. He went after her and slashed at her until she had collapsed, then… ”

“Cut out her heart,” Emery whispered. “She was alive while he did it too,” he continued with a shudder. “Josh Eppes’ eyes. Her heart.”

“Sure it’s the same guy?” Hassett asked.

“It’s the same guy,” Emery replied with a grim certainty. “I just wish I knew what he was doing… why he was killing people like this.”