Emery had learned early in school that most people do something in order to acquire something else. They might want material goods, services or even knowledge but the seeking of something and the exchange was ubiquitous. He didn’t view this as a negative thing, he had his own needs – mostly for knowledge – that drove him to make certain choices.

Later, when he’d become a crime scene investigator, he’d learned that crimes were committed when someone’s urge to fulfill their needs superceded society’s urge to follow laws. Greed was the motivator for a great many crimes. Whether it was for money or for power of some kind, greed was the root of many motives in the crime he investigated.

Then there were crimes like the one the team was currently working on. Miles had said that the killer was looking for something, indeed a body part had been missing from each of the victims. What need – what longing – was it that drove this man to kill? Emery was sure that once they understood that motive, they would be able to find and stop the man once and for all.