Chloe Richardson set the last of the complete papers into the proper file and pushed away from her desk. She was about an hour later than she’d wanted to be when she left work for the day. It was dark outside already and getting darker as full night settled in.

Since she was in a hurry, she set off toward her car at a jog. A shrill scream made her skid to a stop. She stood frozen as a spray of blood showed itself from around the corner of a building. Covering her mouth to keep from screaming, Chloe leaned against the building, hoping that whoever had caused the pool of blood wouldn’t see her – wouldn’t hear her.

Then she heard it. Interspersed with soft pained grunts was a light hum. Each soft cry was preceded by a sick wet sound of flesh being torn. Finally, with an unmistakable gurgle the sound stopped – except the humming. The humming continued, accompanied by footsteps. Chloe sank to the ground in relief as the footsteps moved away and down the road. It was a full twenty minutes before she could muster the courage to look around the corner. What she saw knocked her out cold.