Emery stood back looking at the diagram he’d drawn on the chalkboard. When he was most perplexed was when life lessons came back to him. Today he’d remembered both his professors and his father telling him that with some spells you had to look at a broader scope. Weather magic was a good example. Because of the time it took clouds to develop, one never gathered them directly over the place they wanted rain. Instead they were gathered above a location further away and allowed to move into an area.

Looking at the broader picture applied to life as well and emery wondered how he could apply it to this case. Therefore, he’d sketched a man’s outline on the chalkboard and noted each organ that had been taken from a victim in the murders. “People don’t just suddenly start killing people, right?” he asked Hassett as he stared at the sketch.

“Occasionally, but it’s not common. Violence tends to be a progressive thing. People might work their way up, either from killing animals or from assaults,” the warden explained. He caught Emery’s eye as he asked, “Why? You figure our killer started elsewhere?”

“Ms Haggerty said that he told her that he was new in the area. That he’d had to move because of a fire – one that destroyed something precious to him,” Emery pointed out.

“Souvenirs from last time, perhaps?” Hassett said. “I’ll send some notices out to my friends in other municipalities. Have them look for unsolved murders, or attacks, where body parts were taken.”

“Might look for simple thefts too. There’s more than one way to build a body, after all,” Emery said.

Hassett nodded and gazed at the sketch for a moment before heading out.