Between Denair and Panre the plan to move the yeteans from the demon world was well underway. Denair had warned that they would not transfer to the world of the dragens, however. The gates between those worlds had been closed and could only be opened at great peril to all involved.

So now the dragen mage stood deep in a forest, in a clearing, on another world. Panre paced nearby. The little being seemed nervous; even almost frightened. “The world gate that I’m making here will bring your people through but not the demons. They’ll be too big to pass through,” he assured the little being.

Panre nodded and settled back on a low stump as he watched the dragen set to work. The dragen’s magic was unlike anything Panre had ever seen. It was at once beautiful and terrifying to watch. As Denair sang, a small whirling mist formed in front of him. The mist became more and more solid until it seemed a physical thing.

“That’s done,” Denair said. “Can you get your people through quickly?”

“Yes,” Panre said. He hopped to his feet and bounded to the portal. He paused and paced for a moment before continuing the journey through. The portal had opened, just as Denair had planned it, not far from the yetean village.

Panre bounded to a hollowed out stone and tossed a stone inside. Another stone followed the first, and then another. The sound echoed over the rocky world that he had wanted so much to flee.

At the sound of the stones, more and more yeteans gathered around. Some bounded away, to gather their families. Others he sent through the portal. Soon only the oldest of the yeteans were moving toward the portal. So far, no abominables had shown up. It was night and most were sleeping. Panre hoped they remained that way until the last of their slaves escaped.

He bounded over to the portal as the last of the old ones filed through. A shrill cry made him turn. He saw an abominable baring down on him, then a hand grasped his and he was tumbling through the mist. He opened his eyes to strange stars above a tree line. All around his people were rejoicing. They were finally free. Panre smiled his thanks at Denair and grinned as he saw that the dragen still held his hand.