Emery stood, seemingly lost in thought. He was sure that his dream meant something. Perhaps he was seeing the past; he had before, after all. If that was so, then the boy in his dream had been the killer. He closed his eyes and tried to remember as many details as he could. The boy had dark hair and dark eyes. He’d been in the center of a garden of some sort, playing with a collection of bones.

He strained to remember the bones he’d seen. The foot bones – even without skin they had been somehow obviously connected into the form of a foot – the boy had been holding, but others had been laid out in front of him. He remembered seeing a flat bone, the size and general shape of a sternum, parts of a human skull, hands – articulated as the feet had been – and a pelvic girdle. It wasn’t a complete skeleton by any means, but it was enough for a rough outline. The question was, what did he think Emery had?

“Copper for your thoughts,” Hassett said softly into his ear.

“I had a very vivid, very… crazy dream last night,” Emery said. “I think it has to do with our killer. He had the head, hands and feet; as well as the sternum and pelvic girdle of people and he wanted something from me.”

“Well, well,” Hassett said. He tapped Emery’s shoulder with the edge of a file folder. “I found a case of grave robbery that matches that. It was never solved but the bones – or what was suspected to be the bones – that went missing were found after an apartment fire. A good many people were killed in the fire and the place was leveled, so it’s anyone’s guess who they belonged to; but they’re most certainly connected.”

Emery nodded. They were one step closer to their killer.