Hannah frowned as Miles left the room. She followed him silently until he reached the lobby. As he turned down the corridor that led to the supervisor’s office, she caught his hand. “I’m sorry, Miles,” she said. “You’re right. I… I followed you. I figured that… well, I wanted to apologize and… I was hoping… maybe…?”

“Hannah,” Miles said, his tone full of warning.

“Alright,” she said, relenting. “Seriously though, I want the job. I think I’ll be a good investigator – even if I have to work my way up from technician. Just give me a chance – not at a relationship… just let me work here. You don’t have to tell Morrissey about… how we used to be.”

Miles frowned but nodded. “There is no us,” he reminded her softly. “I’m not even sure we can be friends. This is purely a working relationship.”

“I understand,” she said, smiling. “Thanks, Miles.” She let him go and watched as he retraced his steps. Her smiled relaxed to one of grim satisfaction. Miles was the kind of person who was forgiving to a fault. She could bide her time. The right opportunity would present itself sooner or later.