Grant sighed as he unlocked the door to his car and climbed in. He’d been doing that a lot lately; sighing. As he turned the on and was about to shift into drive he spotted Franklin and Wheeler making their way to the parking lot.

As he noticed them holding hands, he sighed again. Everyone seemed to have at least a good friend that they could spend time with out of work, if not a significant other. Why was he the only one left out… always? The Ballards not only had each other; they had a friend that they’d grown up with. Hassett and Everett were good friends as well as partners. Hurley and Morrissey had known each other for years, even before the investigator had joined the department. The list went on. He was the odd ball out.

It didn’t seem fair. He put the car in drive and eased his foot on the gas. As he reached the parking lot exit, he had to stop short to keep from running into the new tech person. She flashed him a brilliant smile and tapped on the window.

He rolled the window down quickly and looked her over. She was a very pretty girl. “Sorry, did I hit you?” he asked.

“No, I’m fine. I just wonder if you could give me a ride to my apartment. I haven’t got an alternate form of transportation yet and I think I missed the bus,” she said. At his nod, she climbed into the car behind him. “I’m Hannah,” she said.

“Um… Marlin,” he replied, adjusting his glassed. He looked both ways and then eased his foot onto the gas once more. “So which… which way is it to your apartment?” he asked.

“It’s just up here,” she replied. He blushed as he noticed the way she was looking at him; almost sizing him up. “Would you like to come inside for a drink?” she asked.

“Alright,” he managed after a moment. He wondered where the night would lead them from there.