He couldn’t believe his luck. He couldn’t believe how easy it had been to gather all the pieces that he’d lost in the fire. Only two pieces remained and he saw the boy who had one approaching the car. He smiled warmly as the boy leaned on the door. “Hello,” he greeted.

“Hi, Mister… I’m a little lost. Can you tell me the way to the bus station?” the boy asked.

“I can do even better,” he said. “I can drive you there.”

“That sounds great, Mister. Thanks.” The boy bounded over to the passenger side and got in. He settled down into the seat and smiled as he said, “I’m going to visit my uncle and aunt for the summer.”

“That sounds like fun,” he said, putting the car in gear. They drove on, the boy chattering like a magpie, totally unsuspecting. Now he had all the parts he’d had before the fire. He only needed the last part. Everything was coming to be as it should. He smiled as he pulled into the parking lot of the bus station.

“Let me help you with those bags,” he said, smiling at the trusting boy.