Emery tried to take his mind off the case by reading a book. It was, he thought, a children’s book. He revised this opinion as he read. The story was rather gruesome. He hadn’t realized that the hunter had butchered the big bad wolf to get Red Riding Hood out.

He closed the book and shook his head, setting it aside. He didn’t need something like that weighing on his mind along with the still unsolved series of murders. “If only it was so easy to get thoughts of the murderer off my mind,” he mused.

Miles looked up and sighed. “Are you sure that… it’s you he’ll target?”

“He seems to be killing when the opportunity strikes. He’ll have to find me first and I don’t plan on being found, Brother,” Emery said. He shuddered and shook his head. “Hassett’ll keep me safe, Miles.”

“Just you remember, Brother,” Miles said. He smiled when Emery held up his hands in submission. “I worry, Em.”

“I know, Mi,” Emery said. He stood and took a different book off the shelf. The creepy feeling from the fairy-tale book would soon be gone. The fear from the serial killer would linger until the man was caught.