Emery peeked around the corner, almost afraid of what he’d find. There was blood everywhere. He could feel the trauma emanating out of the room. “He was interrupted?” he asked as he took in what he saw.

“Neighbor heard something and, apparently, she has a key,” Morrissey said. He looked over at the body and shook his head. “He left his knife behind, so now we have fingerprints.”

“He left… a flower on it,” Emery said softly. He shuddered. “What’d the neighbor see?”

“Not much,” Morrissey said. “He ran out the back door, off the balcony.”

“We should check the ER’s,” Hassett’s voice called. “That’s some jump.”

Emery stepped out onto the balcony and looked down. “We’re up two stories,” he murmured. “There’s no trauma. What’d he do: fly?” Hassett shrugged up at him and headed inside.

“No trauma, huh?” Morrissey asked. He looked up and tilted his head. “Maybe he went up. It’s only one floor. That might also be how he got in.”

“Might be,” Emery said. “Door wasn’t forced. She might have left the door unlocked, or even open.” He also looked up and frowned. “If he went up… he’d have to come down.”

“Too true, Chief,” Hassett said as he joined them. “You get your evidence collected and I’ll go check out the roofs. We’re definitely going to get this guy now – one way or another.”