Emery looked up as he heard a solid thud just outside the bedroom of the crime scene. “Hello?” he said softly, peering out into the living room. He saw the officer who was there to guard him while he worked lying on the ground.

His first instinct was to go to the man and see if he was alright. However, he knew there was danger there. Instead he backed up and pushed the bedroom door shut. He locked the door and then sprinted over to the radio that Hassett insisted he carry in his bag.

“Franklin,” he said, depressing the button. “This is Emery.”

“Emery,” Franklin’s voice came back over the crackling of the radio. “Is something wrong?”

“My guard… is down.” He broke off as the door shook in its frame. “And someone is trying to get in at me.”

“Hang in there,” Franklin said. Even over the crackling, Emery could hear the tension in his voice. “Hassett and Everett are on the way.”

“Right,” Emery said. He stood, spinning toward the door as it broke free of its frame. There, in the doorway, was the killer. “Franklin, he’s here,” he managed, though his voice seemed to be on the verge of deserting him.

“You have something that belongs to me,” the man said.

Emery shook his head and then slumped to the floor as a wave of dizziness swept over him. He moaned in dread, knowing that he was having a spell but unable to do anything about it. Then the man was on him.

He expected to be killed immediately, but instead the man simply dragged him to his feet and towed him toward the door. “Let me go,” Emery said. “I’m dizzy. I need to sit.” The man lifted him up, but the sudden movement set his head spinning and he lost consciousness.