Emery was certain that the man would kill him, but he seemed content to bring his prize elsewhere. He dragged Emery to a waiting car and pushed him into the back seat, tying his wrists together. Emery heard the doors lock but, when he searched, he couldn’t seem to find the knob that would unlock the doors and free him.

“Wh-what are you going to do with me?” he asked when his kidnapper climbed into the front seat and started the car.

They drove for several minutes in silence, passing a warden vehicle on its way to the crime scene. Emery breathed a sigh of relief for the officer who’d been set to watch him. If the man wasn’t dead already, he would likely be fine.

“I already told you that you have something of mine,” the man said.

“You… plan to… kill me,” Emery forced himself to say. They turned a corner and the wardens were lost to sight. He was alone and it wouldn’t take much for this man to kill him, as he had so many others.

“You have something of mine though and I will take it back.”

Emery swallowed and asked, “What do I have?” his voice came out as a soft murmur, but the man seemed to consider.

“I am nearly whole. All that is left… you have; the girl had… all that I need to collect is my special sight. I can see with my eyes but… my other eyes are still blinded.”

“You have the second sight – off-magic,” Emery murmured. “You can tell I have it and Martha Beede did as well. But-but how… how do you plan on t-taking it from me.” A part of him said to keep quiet but Emery had always been curious. It was that curiosity that caused him to pursue the answers.

“I’m going to take my special eye back,” the man said.

Emery moaned in horror and his hands went to his forehead. Stories said that those with off-magic, especially like his, had a well developed third eye. Truthfully, nothing had been proven physically. The pineal gland, which controlled a great many things both physical and emotional and was associated physically with the third eye, was any more impressive in those with off-magic that those without. Either way, if the man intended to remove it, he’d have to kill Emery.

“He’s not here,” Hassett reported to a very anxious Franklin. “Any information on the fingerprints and whatnot?”

“The fingerprints came back to Mark Jeffreys of Summerville,” Franklin replied. “We got an address from the medical supply store that he got the preservative from. Well, we assume it’s him, it’s the only none medical –”

“The address, Franklin,” Hassett interrupted. The little corporal was chatty when he was anxious; something Hassett didn’t want to deal with right now.

“118 Water Street, by the docks. Take Third Street,” he said quickly.

“Got it. over and out,” Hassett said. He slipped the radio into his pocket and ran out past Roderick and Fowler, who were taking care of the downed officer. He heard the stamping footsteps of Everett following him.

“You got the address?” the other warden asked. At Hassett’s brisk nod, he tossed Hassett the keys. “You drive.” They didn’t have time for explanations.