“I’m hungry,” Emery said. His voice was firm and strident. This was the third time he’d mentioned it. As he followed Morrissey around the dinner party, he alternated sighing with grousing. “When are they going to serve food?”

“It’s the cocktail hour, Emery,” Morrissey murmured. “They’re serving cocktails.”

“They can’t serve food with cocktails?” Emery said.

“They’re supposed to,” Miles pointed out. “You shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach, especially if you’re a mage. Our father always said that ‘drunkenness and magic don’t mix’.”

Emery nodded and added, “And I’m hungry.”

“Dinner’s in half an hour, you won’t starve,” Morrissey hissed back.

“Are you sure?” Emery replied. He smirked when Miles giggled.

Morrissey frowned and smirked wryly. “Are you playing with me?” he asked softly.

“Maybe a little,” Emery admitted. “I am hungry though.” Morrissey sighed a long suffering sigh when both boys broke off giggling.