Jed sighed and ruffled his son’s hair when the girl passed by them the third time. He could understand that she was anxious and in pain but her constant trips to either the bathroom or the front desk were making his son even more frightened than he already was.

“It’s going to be alright,” he whispered to Caden. “Mommy will be here soon and she knows all the doctors in the hospital.”

“My tummy hurts,” Caden said softly. He leaned on Jed as the girl passed them once again. “She’s scary,” he whispered.

“Sweetie, she has a tummy ache too and she’s here for the doctor to look at her, just like you are,” Jed said softly. He sighed again and wished that the pediatrician had been available. If he had, then they would not have come to the clinic that was attached to the hospital where his wife worked.

Caden whimpered when the woman sat just two seats down from him so Jed pulled out a health magazine and opened it. “Let’s see what articles in here have the letter ’J’ in them,” he said.

They sat for several minutes scanning the magazine. Finally the nurse told the woman the doctor was ready and escorted her to an exam room. Jed smiled and settled back, letting Caden continue looking. Hopefully, any other adult patients wouldn’t be so frightful for the child.