“Where’d we land this time?” Joshua whispered.

“I have no clue,” Jed replied. “It’s too dark to see. Why are you whispering, anyway?”

There was a soft chuckle in reply and Jed waited while his brother got himself under control. “Because it’s dark,” he said finally.

“Just because it’s dark, you don’t have to whisper,” Jed said wryly. He began to feel for a door and encountered a hard metallic surface. Perhaps they were in some sort of supply shed. He continued feeling around the walls until he found his way back to his brother’s side. A sick feeling settled in the pit of his stomach. There was no door.

“Where are we, Jed?” Joshua asked, dread coloring his tone.

“Shipping container,” Jed replied in a tense voice.

“Where are we being shipped to?” Joshua wondered.

“We’re not,” Jed said. “We’re leaving.” He caught his brother’s hand and said, “Do the spell.” In moments they were gone again.