If there was one thing that irked Emery, it was that, although he was considered an adult in magic, he couldn’t vote. With Election Day fast approaching, he was keenly aware of this fact. Even though he was disenfranchised, he still paid attention to all the promises the candidates were making.

One such promise made him pause and take note. The candidate was young; on the lower end of those old enough to hold office. As mayor he promised one thing that Emery was keenly interested in: he would push to allow those mages who’d been emancipated to vote. It wasn’t right that they were treated as adult and put in the workforce to pay taxes on programs that they had no voice in choosing.

The day of the election, the team was called to investigate a disturbance at election headquarters and Emery got to meet the young man. He smiled and shook the man’s hand before he set to work. “I hope you get in,” he said sincerely.

“That makes two of us,” the man said. “Thanks in advance for all your hard work.” Emery nodded. The man had his vote, unofficial though it was.